Andrew Peters

Andrew Peters

Andrew Peters | Voice Actor

As a professional voice actor with decades of experience and global clients, I need the most detailed microphone I can get, because in many cases my voice will not be buried in the mix and I will be judged by audio engineers on the quality of the audio as well as performance.

That is why, after years of using various LDC microphones, my daily sessions are recorded using the OC818.

Even though the tools voice actors use are mainly designed and built for music or location sound, there are some techniques and equipment we can share.

One thing I do which is a little unusual is have my OC818 in figure 8. It was something I experimented with some years back after talking with recording legend Bobby Owsinski. It was his special sauce when he was regarded as one of the best vocal engineers in LA.

Apart from the obvious null with the side address it does something else which is hard to explain, but to my ear it adds depth to the sound.

The sound from the OC818 is perfect for my voice, it is incredibly detailed and has a ‘modern vintage’ sound. What do I mean by that? If you can imagine a classic Austrian built mic from the mid to late 70’s and early 80’s with all that we love about them, taken to a new level, that’s what I believe you get.

This is the feedback I got from one of my daily clients;

„The voice recorded with the OC818 fits nicely with my vocal chain.  It sounds warm, full and clear without overloading the low end.“

AJ Traspaderme, Production Manager, Arabian Radio Network.

Just to give some background, I sent across many different mic samples when we started working together and settled on one, which worked fine. But when I first got the OC818 to test I sent AJ a sample. He immediately came back and said that’s the one, don’t change.

Recently I was sent a pair of Hi-X55 headphones to review. The first time I put them on and listened to a voice over I’d just recorded I was shocked! It wasn’t until I loaded up some music I knew very well that I started to hear things I’d never heard before, it was then I realised what I was dealing with. They are extremely detailed, almost brutal but totally honest.

So if accuracy and not flattery is what you are after then these are the solution.

In summary I believe Austrian Audio are a company to watch if their current products are anything to go by. I can’t wait to see what’s coming next.


Andrew Peters