It’s like Airbnb for scientists

It’s like Airbnb for scientists

Vienna’s only ‘Turnkey’ 4-? anechoic chamber that is available for private & commercial rental.

  • Engineered for Electro-Acoustic Measurements. Frequency range: 30Hz to 20kHz, 155m3 full chamber volume. Ground plane: 13.5m2
  • Audio Precision APX 525 and 555
  • 20dBSPL(A) self-noise with 0dBSPL(A) available via additional pre-wired isolation box
  • Custom Calibrated 2-axis Turntable with Preset Memory Management
  • Temperature, humidity and climate variable
  • All equipment and cabling provided: analog, optical, networking, etc.
  • Temperature controlled 23°C +/-2°C & climate chamber available
  • With or without Austrian Audio’s Elite Engineering Team
  • Full summary and report plus additional consultancy available.
  • Workbench and additional tools available

Uniting the modern with our heritage; we’re proud to unveil our legacy anechoic chamber! This chamber had been used for decades by some of Vienna’s most respected engineers in the pursuit of audio perfection. Many classic microphones and headphones were developed inside this very room.

After many months of working with the old building’s owner, then the disassembly, transportation, repair, installation and -most importantly- care; we’re proud to make our restored & historic anechoic chamber available for hire.

It is quite probably the only anechoic chamber of its kind that is available for rental to qualified parties.

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