Emre Ramazanoglu

Emre Ramazanoglu

I am now using the oc818 and oc18 every day as overheads in my room. I also use them regularly on acoustic guitar, vocals, percussion, guitar amp and many other sources. They’re absolutely living up to everything I was told about. Amazing. thank you! WHAT A MIC!!

Emre is an incredibly versatile songwriter, producer, mixer, and programmer who loves everything from filmic landscapes, 80s pop, beats and jazz. In two words he’d describe his sound as “Dysfunctional Pop”

On one end he’s a founder member of Jazz band ‘Ill Considered’ and on the other he co-wrote and co-produced “Making the Most of the Night” by Carly Rae Jepsen.  (with Sam Dixon and Sia).

Somewhere in the middle would be his work on the latest #1 Noel Gallagher album “Who Built the Moon” He was brought in by David Holmes to engineer but ended up drumming, programming and mixing the whole lot.  He was an integral part of the sonic.

He’s mixed R I T U A L feat Tove Styrke, John Newman, Aqualung, Rita Ora, Jack Savoretti, Kylie (Music’s Too Sad Without You, from her #1 album) and has just produced/mixed four Lily Allen tracks from her latest album including single “Lost My Mind”.  He’s co-produced and mixed Richard Ashcroft’s new album ‘Natural Rebel.  He co-produced “Warrior’ from Paloma Faith’s number 1 album and mixed Jimothy and Tom Grennan recently.  He’s engineered for U2 and played drums for Michael Jackson.

He’s been writing with  Steamdown, Theon Cross, Actess, Sampha, Foxes, Emily Burns, Pasteur, Morgxn (including single “Holy Water’ which he also produced and mixed), LUME,  JONES, Chelcee Grimes, Nilufer Yanka, Grace Barker, Lauren Aquilina, Barny Lister amongst others.

Emre worked with David Holmes on the movie Logan Lucky. He’s currently working on the  new Killing Eve sound track (having worked on the first series) and the new Steven Soderbergh movie “The Laundromat”